Cordials, Espresso Beans, & More

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Cordials contain a non-alcoholic liquid center surrounded by dark chocolate. (Contains gluten, but are vegan).

Triple Chocolate Toffee is almond toffee dipped in either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or mixed chocolate (Contains almonds).

Dark Chocolate Marzipan are balls of the classic European almond paste dipped in dark chocolate (Contains almonds and gluten).

Candy Pebbles are a mix of Kopper's most popular cordials, nuts, fruits, etc. covered in chocolate and a fun pebbly candy coating (Contains nuts & gluten)

Chocolate Espresso Beans are real, roasted coffee beans covered in either only dark chocolate (vegan & gf), or the NY Mix, which contain a variety of chocolate and flavored coatings. 

Rose Savouries are vegan dark chocolate flavored with real rose oil.

Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn covered in milk chocolate.

Made by Kopper's Chocolate. 

Packaged in 8 oz compostable bags.