Mini Floral Elixirs

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Add a bit to your tea, cocktail, soda water, juice, and let the magic of flowers awaken your taste buds!

Floral Elixir Co. started from an idea to create floral cocktails and sodas in 2009 after Founder Nora Egger’s return to the US after working in Europe for a decade. She changed career paths to pursue creating her flower syrups full-time and after 11 years, each bottle is still crafted by hand by a small team to assure the highest quality made from 5-10 gallon batches.
Their all natural flower syrups are handcrafted using real flowers and botanicals from around the world. These delightful Elixirs have a harmonious sweet & citrus balance and less pure cane sugar than traditional syrups.

2 fl oz bottles.