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Truly Natural Spicy IPA Mustard

Truly Natural Spicy IPA Mustard

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Potential Allergens:

Food for Thought Truly Natural Spicy IPA Mustard is pure hearty, whole-grain mustardy goodness, just crying out for a juicy brat, burger or pretzel. This spicy IPA mustard is enhanced by the hoppy flavor of one of our favorite brews, India Pale Ale, punctuated with delightful bitterness and bright citrus notes from Michigan-grown hops. Versatile Spicy IPA Mustard makes a pretty darn good rub for grilling and oven-roasting too. Simply slather on any meat, season with salt and pepper, and grill. Mix into mashed potatoes, salad dressings or melt a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of this mustard and drizzle over vegetables. Try stirring a heaping spoonful into a sauce or stew for a little extra bite and a whole lot of great savory mustard flavor Proudly produced in Traverse City, Michigan

Allergen Statement for Items Made in Our Kitchen:

All chocolates made by Woodland Confectionary contain no artificial flavors or colors, with the exception of the non-pareils (sprinkles) we use.

Our dark chocolate contains Soy, but No Dairy, while our milk chocolate contains Both.

Nut & Gluten products are made in our kitchen, but we take care to keep them separated and the rest of the chocolate & items uncontaminated. However, depsite our best intentions, if you have a life threatening allergy to dairy, soy, gluten or nuts, our chocolates may not be suitable.

No items containing Gluten are ever included in any of the boxes of chocolates.

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