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Elderflower Mimosa Cocktail Kit

Elderflower Mimosa Cocktail Kit

The Elderflower Mimosa The perfect cocktail for brunches, luncheons, and get togethers big and small. Contains: elderflower, oranges, Lemon, 3 flower shaped sugar cubes with edible glitter for a slight sparkle to the bubbly.

These cocktail infusion kits are unique, Michigan made, and so fun to give as a gift or keep for yourself! Simply fill the jar with your desired liquor (recommendations are given with each kind, or you can use water or juice for a non-alcoholic version), refrigerate for 3 days giving it a shake here and there, strain and enjoy to make delicious and exciting twists of classic cocktails. Each jar makes 6-8 cocktails, and if you refill the jar to use the dried fruits and herbs a second time, you can stretch that to even more. 

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