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Cocktail Infusion Jars

Cocktail Infusion Jars

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Potential Allergens:

These cocktail infusion kits are unique, Michigan made, and so fun to give as a gift or keep for yourself! Simply fill the jar with your desired liquor (recommendations are given with each kind, or you can use water or juice for a non-alcoholic version), refrigerate for 3 days giving it a shake here and there, strain and enjoy to make delicious and exciting twists of classic cocktails. Each jar makes 8 cocktails, and if you refill the jar to use the dried fruits and herbs a second time, you can stretch that to even more. Made in Taylor, Michigan by Hunt & Gather Dry Foods.

Sangria Cocktail Kit
This Spanish/ Portuguese cocktail is always the talk of the town. Contains: cherries, oranges, lemon & apples along with 3 flower shaped sugar cubes. After infusing for 3 days, strain and add 1 shot+wine+orange juice .
Recommended liquor: Brandy or Rum

Spicy Margarita Cocktail Kit
America’s favorite & iconic cocktail the Margarita. Spicy and fruity Contains: Pineapple, mango, jalapeño, lime & pineapple shaped sugar cube. After infusing for 3 days, strain and pour over ice with pineapple juice. 
Recommended liquor: Tequila, Mezcal, or Vodka

Hibiscus Rose Cocktail Kit
Hibiscus and Rose cocktail is fruity & floral mix the anytime drink makes a gorgeous pink cocktail. Contains: hibiscus, Rose buds, oranges, lemon, vanilla bean and 3 flower shaped sugar cubes died using beet root powder. After infusing for 3 days, strain and pour over ice with soda water or Prosecco. 
Recommended liquor: Vodka

Elderflower Mimosa Cocktail Kit
The perfect cocktail for brunches, luncheons, and get togethers big and small. Contains: elderflower, oranges, Lemon, 3 flower shaped sugar cubes with edible glitter for a slight sparkle to the bubbly. After infusing for 3 days, strain and top with champagne and orange juice.
Recommended liquor: Vodka

Smoked Peach Smash Cocktail Kit
The smoked peach smash cocktail kit highlights your favorite things of a refreshing cocktail. The fruity cocktail with a touch of smoky flavor. Peaches are washed sliced and smoked for an hour before the dehydration process. Each kit contains smoked, peaches, oranges, lemon, mint, ginger and a diamond shaped sugar cube. Infuse for 3 days using your favorite bourbon or whiskey & top with ginger beer or ginger ale.
Recommended liquor: Bourbon or Whiskey

Grapefruit Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit
The Grapefruit Moscow Mule a fresh, summertime picnic cocktail, light and refreshing. Contains: grapefruit, limes, ginger and a lime shaped sugar cube. After infusing for 3 days, strain and pour over ice with ginger beer.
Recommended liquor: Gin or Vodka

Cherry Bomb Old-Fashioned Cocktail Kit
The classic cocktail with a cherry overload. The cocktail kit contains: cherries, oranges, single lemon slice and a bitters infused sugar cube in the shape of an old timer handlebar mustache. After infusing for 3 days, strain and pour over ice and top with sparking water or ginger ale. 
Recommended liquor: Bourbon or rye whiskey

Black Magic Cocktail Kit
This perfect potion shimmers and gives some Halloween vibes. Contains: limes, oranges, cherries, cloves and a moon shaped black dyed sugar cube with edible glitter. After infusing for 3 days, strain and pour over ice with ginger ale.
Recommended liquor: dark rum

Allergen Statement for Items Made in Our Kitchen:

All chocolates made by Woodland Confectionary contain no artificial flavors or colors, with the exception of the non-pareils (sprinkles) we use.

Our dark chocolate contains Soy, but No Dairy, while our milk chocolate contains Both.

Nut & Gluten products are made in our kitchen, but we take care to keep them separated and the rest of the chocolate & items uncontaminated. However, depsite our best intentions, if you have a life threatening allergy to dairy, soy, gluten or nuts, our chocolates may not be suitable.

No items containing Gluten are ever included in any of the boxes of chocolates.

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